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Computer Research & Consulting, Inc. is a computer value added reseller company specializing in providing services to small and medium-sized businesses.

In our 18 years of service our mission has been to apply the highest quality products and services towards solving our clients' business problems, so that our clients can do what they set out in business.

Our areas of expertise are:

Hardware -

We assemble and sell desktop and server computers made to our tight specifications using the highest quality parts, as Intel, 3Com, Adaptec, Seagate, Western Digital, etc. We are also capable to offer name brands from any reputable manufacturer as Hewlett Packard, Compaq, IBM, Sony.

Software -

We provide customization of software as well as support on the usual range of office software from Microsoft, Corel, WordPerfect, Lotus and other suppliers. We also provide corporate and personal training.

Support and Consulting - 

Businesses generally have no one  to turn to for good advice about computers or for help when something goes wrong. We provide support and training to make sure our clients get the most effective and efficient use out of their investments in computer technology. We can supply advice for large, medium and small organizations.

Internet services -

We provide web site design and maintenance, Internet marketing advice, web site hosting and a range of other services aimed at assisting our clients to use the Internet as an effective business tool and resource.

Our policy is to sell and offer only those products which we use ourselves or which we can confidently support, either through our own skills, training and resources or through competent third parties.

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